Sunday, November 4, 2012

medium format film scans

First time i used medium format was with a Mamiya C330, and let me tell you that was a challenge. You will always be looking upside down and trying to focus your subject, and it almost feels like tuning a musical instrument. You need to give the instrument your full attention and have a keen sense of hearing (in this case, sight) to get everything just right. Also, pointing right at the subject is a challenge; within the square frame you need to be very aware of the composition you are creating, and since its upside down, you need to make careful decisions about how much sky you want or foreground or background.

I don't think any other experience can shape your ability as a photographer as using either a medium format or large format camera.

Since these are my first shots ever on medium format I did it purely for experimenting and to see if i could operate the camera right (I could). I need a better scanner, since it couldn't pick up my darkest shots that were taken in the shade (i guess that was my fault, but oh well.)

Medium Format
Mamiya C330
E100 film